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Saturday, 18 May 2024
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Buy bitcoins without verification with Neteller

Buy bitcoins without verification with Neteller

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If you want to deposit in an online casino in bitcoins and you do not want to do all the verification steps requested by the bitcoin purchase platforms, there is a very simple solution, but that will force you to pay fees.
For example for a deposit of $50 on the online casino you will have to pay around $60 with all fees…
But it can be interesting for players who have a Neteller account and live in countries where Neteller is no longer allowed to make deposits in online casinos.

You need 3 accounts:
1- One Neteller account,
2- One Skrill account, because on Virwox you can’t make a deposit with Neteller,
3- One Virwox account.

For this system to work you must have 1 neteller account and 1 skrill account, you credit your Skrill account with the Neteller option, once your Skrill account is credited, you deposit the desired amount on VirWox :

Open Your Virwok Account

– When your VirWok account is open go to Deposit, choose Skrill, and make your deposit.
Now your VirWok account has been credited you will need to buy SLL so in the left menu choose your currency and convert your credit according to your currency, so be EUR/SLL, USD/SLL, CHF/SLL ..etc…etc. now you should have a credit in SLL, it’s immediate….

And after it’s very simple…you must click on the left menu on VirWok and choose BTC/SLL to convert your SLL to Bitcoin, you give the amount to convert and provide your Bitcoin wallet address to receive your bitcoins…

Be careful new accounts are subject to manual verification so the delay can be 48 hours before receiving your bitcoins, usually it is about 24 hours, and much less when you’ve done multiple transactions.
Now you have bitcoins on your wallet and you can deposit in an online casino that accept bitcoins without performing any checks.

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